Artist Statement/ Bio

 Neo-Victorian: My work examines an imagined past with the present and sometimes even the future. My process combines imagery from the Industrial Era, machine parts like clockwork, with Victorian art and futuristic concepts such as digitally manipulated images. In this manner, my work reflects the possibilities for subversion. It is not a nostalgic recreation of a vanished past, but another lens through which to examine the past and present. Striving for inventiveness, I place emphasis on the recycled and the handmade, as well as high-quality craftsmanship. 

Assemblages of myself and other women operate as both a viewer’s abstracted ravishing of the enclosed identity and as the initial confrontation of the decision to leave the past and the ideal behind. The work, complex yet direct, pulls the viewer into a questioning relationship that oscillates between the past and present. It offers both clarity and timeless mystery into the universal woman’s sense of observing and being observed. 


Bio: Monique Johnson is currently a Painting Major and a candidate for the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). The foundation behind her art making process lies in collecting and assembling. As resident of historic Pennsylvania she spends a lot of her time inspecting and collecting items to reuse and manipulate at local auctions. Centered on themes of waves and time Monique’s work engages the past with the present. So far in her career, she has received multiple scholarships including the Harriet’67 and Phillip E. Klein Award. After graduating with her BFA and MAT she hopes to teach Middle School students, while maintaining her studio practice.